Cross-border e-commerce logistics overseas warehouse

1. Lower logistics cost, direct delivery from the local area to customers, equivalent to domestic express delivery, lower cost than shipping from China to abroad.

2. Better delivery timeliness. After the first-haul transportation has solved the complicated problems of transportation, customs declaration, customs clearance, etc., you no longer have to worry about the customs clearance of items in the warehouse, wait for the order, and ship at any time.

3. Better warehouse management experience, no longer have to worry about the warehouse administrator’s cargo management problems, order processing is more convenient, using the company’s warehouse management platform, you only need to gently click the mouse in front of the computer to place the order delivery instruction , The experienced team of overseas warehousing will handle warehousing goods. You only need to provide information such as the receiving address, the type of the goods, and the number of shipments, you can synchronize the order and the shipment, and realize the automated batch processing of orders.  

4. A better customer experience, because the security of the goods in the overseas warehouse is independent of the security of the Amazon account and will not be associated. Therefore, when a merchant encounters a blocked account, there is no need to worry about the goods being blocked or even destroyed. With the automatic and efficient return processing process, returns due to various reasons can be directly returned to overseas warehousing, eliminating the cost, timeliness, and abandonment of domestic and foreign double-clearing losses.

5. With regard to customs clearance issues, the overseas warehouse has the right to deal with it as the recipient; and when returning the goods, the overseas warehouse will also handle the goods according to the needs of the merchant.

6. Other value-added services to meet the various needs of customers at different levels.