air transport

The company's international freight forwarders Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing multi-airport air export services, and accept direct customers or other freight forwarding company customers' business general contracting or subcontracting booking requirements, including door-to-door delivery, air consignment, packaging and labeling And other services to meet all customer needs of door-to-door one-stop cross-border integrated logistics.

In addition, the company has opened up a variety of American air freight FBA/DDP/DDU/LDP and other warehousing channels, providing a more stable and comprehensive choice for your cargo transportation.

Relying on the advantages of network and business scale, the company aims to be safe, accurate, fast, and low-cost. It has rich and diverse airline products and strong resource integration capabilities to provide customers with and guarantee value services to meet the various needs of customers at different levels. demand.