Business Process of Air Transport of Dangerous Goods

2020-09-01 09:29:50

Vigorously develop the business of air transportation of dangerous goods, the process is as follows:

1. Ask for a quotation

The customer provides MSDS, piece body/name/port of destination, requirements for goods and UN number, quotation for several types of dangerous goods: Airline Flight Price How many days is the whole journey

Because dangerous goods are affected by factors such as model and route during transportation, it is necessary to confirm whether the destination port is reachable at the first time.

2. Booking

After the customer confirms the price, the power of attorney is sent to arrange the booking. Our company sends the customer a notice of warehouse entry, and the customer needs to send the goods to our designated warehouse.

3. Identification of dangerous goods

The customer needs to provide the appraisal report, or provide the corresponding materials, and entrust our company to do the dangerous goods appraisal report, and the cost is reimbursed.

4. Dangerous goods packaging

After the goods arrive in the warehouse, our company will select the appropriate packaging of dangerous goods according to the customer's packaging.

(UN box, or UN barrel).

5. Delivery, normal operation

After the dangerous goods are packaged, they can be delivered and delivered, according to the normal operation of the general cargo process, customs declaration, etc.

The above is the basic operation process of dangerous goods. If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate.

For more freight forwarding questions, please consult online customer service.

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